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        Employment Agencies

About Employment Agencies

    Employment agencies are companies that help job seekers find a job. The fulltime job of those agencies is to match employers and jobseekers. Usually employers will list a job opening with the recruiters rather than posting them on public boards. The recruiter will look through candidates and send best-qualified individuals to the company for a personal interview. If there is no position that matches your qualifications at the time you submit your resume, the agents will keep your information in their databases. Each time a new job opportunity is available the recruiters check their databases for qualified individuals. For this reason working with Recruit Companies is the most efficient way of job searching.

How do they work?

  • When employer makes request for particular position Employment Agency search their database for available candidates. Then agency selects a small number of candidates, who they think are right people for an employment opportunity available from employer. They contact and interviewing the most suitable candidates. In this case your chance to land the job is very high.
  • Employment Agency often improves your resume to target it to its client position. Employment Agency prepares you for your interview the way it meat employerís expectations. Employment Agency is highly interested in your employment. If you get hired it will earn its commission.
  • If Employment Agency doesnít have a position for you at present, it keeps your resume in database for future employment opportunities. Once in a while they will be contacting you to verify that you are still on the job market and update their database with a newer version of your resume. When a new opportunity available, Employment Agency looks for candidates in its database.
    Sending your resume to employment agencies is essential for jobseeker that starves for job. ResumeCourier offer you database of 1900 Canadian and 10,000 US employment agencies. Send your resume to 1000ís agencies within 15 minutes.


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