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    Many of the job postings that you find on the Internet or through newspapers are coming from employment agencies, who are trying to collect as many resumes as possible from which to pick the most suitable candidate for their clientís opening. Knowing that fact you may realize that most of the job seekers find their job through employment agencies.

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    Employment Agency usually handles a number of employers. Letís assume 10 employers on average. Another fact, is that an average job seeker applies to 10 - 20 employment agencies throughout his/her job search. In best case scenario an average job seeker may reach around 100 employers during their search. That means that one of the 100 employers may offer him/her a position.

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    So, how can you increase your chance of finding a job quickly? The answer is simple. Your goal is to increase the number of employers that see your resume. This means that you should send your resume to more agencies than an average job seeker. Sending resume to 100 employment agencies will make you 10 times more marketable than the average job seeker. You may argue that there is no way it could be done. Finding 100 agencies and sending them your resume may take forever. This is where our database (1900 Canadian and 10,000 US) of agencies will be helpful to you. With our distribution system you can easily send your resume to agencies in your area and that specialize in your occupation.

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