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          Guarantees and refund policy

Our service guarantees that we will distribute your resume to all the recruiters in our database that where selected by you [location(s) and industry(ies)]. The number of locations and industries depend on the level of service you select.

If, under any circumstance, ResumeCourier does not perform the service as advertised, (i.e. distributing your resume to matched recruiters) we will guarantee a full money-back or redistribution. Examples of these types of circumstances are: distribution of your resume did not take place, technical errors occurred during the process. Undeliverable messages are not included in this.

There is a possibility of receiving a number of undelivered messages due to network and email servers problems that are outside of our control. Learn more about undelivered messages issue here. We will provide a partial refunds if the amount of undelivered emails exceeds 10% of your total list. ResumeCourier will refund an equivalent portion of your money for the undelivered emails you receive. For example if 12% of your total list is undelivered (very rare) we will give you 12% of the distribution cost back. We require that you send us all undeliverable e-mails, and if it is more than 10% of your mailing list you will receive equivalent refund excluding extra charge ('email importance' if selected)

We are not a job placement agency, nor do we guarantee responses and/or jobs. Many variables outside of our control affect whether a candidate gets responses and/or job offers. Some of these are: job availability, the quality of the resume, skill level, salary requirements, location requirements, citizenship requirements, etc…

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